Tuesday, 18 February 2014

It's been awhile!!!!

Hello, I know it's been awhile and I haven't really got any excuses I just haven't got around to posting anything, so for the last few months a have been quite busy, for Christmas I made most of my gifts, that kept me busy and I must admit since its summer I have been outside a lot spending quality time with my family, we have been doing a few bush walks together I have some lovely photos of us, Little man really enjoys walking through the trees looking at the birds and bugs.
This term Little man is at Kindy three days a week, and will be starting school visits soon, so maybe I will get more time in my craft room (lol)
I have been craftin a little and here is a couple of my scrapbook pages,
A few friends and I decided to challenge each other by swapping journal/scrapbook pages, so we each have a few things that we want on our pages like a colour or certain embellishment or quotes and what kind of page, vintage, mixed media, etc.
One friend wants something to do with Dr  Seuss, a picture or quote, and it had to be a 12by 12 I struggle with 12 by 12 but was quite happy with what I finished with, and the point of our little challenge is to go outside our comfort zone. so I leave you with a photo of my Dr Seuss page. and I hope to show a few others next time and not leave it so long before I'm back, until then Happy Craftin

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