Monday, 1 September 2014

Soap, Jersey and a cheeky little man

Hello, This week i have a few things i would like to show you, The first is a fun layout i did a few weeks ago of my Cheeky little man with a pup, and i have been busy doing all kinds of different things.

And here i finally finished knitting a hooded jersey for Little man who had to model it while riding his bike ( would not just stand for a photo) but he wears it everywhere and its simple design is great for school or farm.

and a few weeks ago i made some soap, it turned out great and we have all been using it, Even my mum has used hers and rang to say she loves it! i also got some beautiful bees wax and made some lotion bars, I love these for moisturizing because you just rub them on your skin but don't get lots of greasy lotion that takes 10 minutes to rub in.

I'm knitting an infinity scarf for my Little Miss at the moment and making more soap for Christmas, and i'm teaching myself how to crochet using you-tube and some books. I'm lucky to be super busy being crafty at the moment, and i hope you are having time for the things/people you love.
Happy Craftin


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